Monthly Archives: May 2013

Gambling with Life

By Carol A. Provence

Bringing children into the world is a speculative venture.  It has all the elements of a gamble, something resembling Russian roulette in its potential for disaster.  Yes, seems we no longer worry as much about the hazards of dying in childbirth, medical advances have moved along there, but don’t kid yourself you’re gambling with dice that tumble in many directions before they land and show their faces.   There are the genetic dice, emotional dice, economic dice, and the psycho-social dice to name a few.  It is perilous business to shake up that pair of egg and sperm dice.  The outcome has long reaching consequences and absolutely no guarantees are given. 

Your great expectations, your best efforts and prayers toward the endeavor of parenting may fill your heart with both great hope and terror at the task you have set in motion.  And indeed it should.  It is not for the faint of heart.  It is a risk for only the greatest, bravest risk takers around.  Some may call them stupid, as they call all grand risk takers.  Keep in mind it is best to be as smart as possible and work at minimizing your risks with well thought out conscious decisions and execution with the best equipment available.  But even that will not guarantee the outcome. Continue Reading