Anonymous Man Relates to Our Story

i see one of the writers at an eclectic party of writers, artists, & musicians once a yr, and at that party she told me of the book which i purchased & read. i was born in ’51, i’m probably not the target audience & i found it to be an interesting testimony to the 60’s, with the backstory tie in thread being that the women are childless. That is until the very last story of the woman who had an abortion that she hadn’t talked about until now. i have a similar story from the ‘man’s’ perspective. My girlfriend & i were hippie farmer college kids in love. She was the daughter of an ultra conservative minister with his worst fear that his daughter would fall in love with a Catholic, & me the Catholic. It was a horrible sin that we were living together & an abomination that it was with a Catholic. Upon her telling me that she was pregnant, the next sentence was ‘You didn’t want to have a baby, did you?’ This caught me by surprise but i understood from the perspective that she didn’t want to ‘crush’ her parents so i supported her choice. With the aid of a campus Catholic priest & a borrowed professors car we drove across the state for the procedure. i can totally relate to Deby Bell’s story as mine comes back to me in my ‘mind’s eye’ with every detail. We made it together for a couple more yrs, even so far as getting married by a card carrying mail order minister in the art school so as to diminish the parental pressure but alas it did not last. Our lives went their separate ways & we both enjoy happy long marriages & children. If possible please don’t use my name because i don’t want to compromise the woman involved because i believe the story may be still unknown to prevent from hurting her parents if they are still living. To all you writers, Thank You

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