As Walter Cronkite was ending the evening news each night with the death-count from Vietnam, my life appeared, by all accounts, no different from that of most teenagers…..I was unaware that beneath this ‘normal’ facade lay serious issues just waiting to surface.”

— Deby Bell

Nearly half a century has not erased the terror I felt on learning I was pregnant.”

 — Norma Inman

My next move was obvious: get thee to a gynecologist. Get thee on The Pill.”

— CK Carman

For as long as I can remember, I have danced my own dance.”

— Peggy Lamb

Given the similarities in our early years, I’m convinced Mother’s path and mine diverged when we were young adults primarily because of what was different: the vast disparity in opportunities available to each of us.”

— Jane Burkett

I had it all: a great job, a great husband, lots of friends, important volunteer and political efforts, promotions in the offing.   We were out to save the world – or at least one corner of it.   Kids?  Who had time?”

— Meg Wilson

…my life has been anything but barren… I have loved and been loved by hundreds of children throughout my career.”

— Judy Ballard Johnson

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